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Another Kollman checkered

Michael Savaloja / The Sun Fargo’s Randy Kollman (22) leads Rugby’s Kyle Lovcik (20K) and Pettibone’s Jim Morlock (97M) during a Midwest Modified heat race at Jamestown Speedway on Friday.

It wasn’t all IMCA at Jamestown Speedway on Friday.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds joined the final night of the Dakota Classic Modified Tour with national WISSOTA points on the line.

A week after his father, Carrington’s Rusty Kollman, won his first career A-Mod victory in Jamestown, Fargo’s Randy Kollman put the Kollmans back on the winner’s stage. Randy won the first of four B-Mod heat races and scooted to victory in the feature by leading all 20 laps from the outside of the front row.

“We love racing. That’s all we think about every day,” Randy Kollman said. “It’s pretty gratifying. All the hard work pays off.”

It was the second feature win of the season for the second-year B-Mod driver. He also rolled to victory on June 27 at Brown County Speedway in Aberdeen.

Prior to piloting his No. 22 Midwest Mod he drove a WISSOTA Street Stock, but up until Friday Kollman had never won a feature race in Jamestown.

“Last year was a learning year,” Kollman said. “About halfway through the year, after some mechanical failures and stuff like that, we started getting top 10’s and top five’s. At the end of the year last year I was running real strong.

“I never won here in the Street Stock either,” Kollman added. “I tried and tried and couldn’t make it happen. It’s awesome.”

The adversity Kollman faced during the feature on Friday was next to none. His No. 22 was hooked up on the high side and nobody could run it down.

“Right away there was a little bit of tack out there, and then it dried off and I knew the car was going to fire up real good,” Kollman said. “Before the race started my dad (pointing to the sky), meaning go up high. It’s a momentum track, so I knew I was going to hang up there and stay out front.”

A caution flag with seven laps remaining bunched the field back up behind Kollman, but everyone else was racing for second. Kollman jumped back out front up top and broke open a half-straightaway lead on the field by the end.

“I was driving in a little bit harder, and then towards the end of the race when the rubber got built up with five to go, roughly, the car got really tight,” Kollman said. “But then you just have to pedal it through the corner even harder.

“It all worked out. I wasn’t nervous.”

Wahpeton’s Patrick Brejcha started fourth and finished second, Enderlin’s Randy Klein came from the eighth starting position to capture third, and Pettibone’s Jim Morlock drove from sixth to fourth.

Keeping the momentum rolling is now the name of the game for Kollman.

“I just gotta keep working on the car and do all the maintenance work,” Kollman said. “That’s what it comes down to. They always say championships are won in the garage.”

25th Annual IMCA Dakota                                          Classic Modified Tour

At Jamestown Speedway, Friday

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: 1, Randy Kollman; 2, Patrick Brejcha; 3, Randy Klein; 4, Jim Morlock; 5, Travis Traut; 6, Ryan Lehr; 7, Zack Reinke; 8, Nate Reinke; 9, Delray Dykstra; 10, Brice Kuska; 11, Preston Carr; 12, Josh Eberhardt; 13, Lucas Rodin; 14, Shannon Schlenker; 15, Landon Becker; 16, Eric Edwards; 17, Andrew Michel; 18, Jarett Lovcik; 19, Zach Dockter; 20, Rory Opp; 21, Scott Bintz; 22, Jason Thoms; 23, Dave Peterson; 24, Spencer Johnson (DNF).

Consi 1: 1, Opp; 2, Michel; 3, Rodin; 4, Eberhardt; 5, Kyle Lovcik; 6, Andy Kapp; 7, Terry Sahr; 8, Jay Sahr; 9, Jeff Carpenter.

Consi 2: 1, Dockter; 2, J. Lovcik; 3, Thoms; 4, D. Peterson; 5, Rich Bohlman; 6, Steve Ost; 7, Patrick Sobolik; 8, John Clemens (DNF).

Heat 1: 1, Kollman; 2, Morlock; 3, Johnson; 4, N. Reinke; 5, K. Lovcik; 6, Opp; 7, Eberhardt; 8, Rodin; 9, T. Sahr.

Heat 2: 1, Traut; 2, Klein; 3, Lehr; 4, Z. Reinke; 5, Dockter; 6, Thoms; 7, Sobolik; 8, Clemens.

Heat 3: 1, Dykstra; 2, Schlenker; 3, Carr; 4, Edwards; 5, Michel; 6, J. Sahr; 7, Carpenter; 8, Kapp.

Heat 4: 1, Brejcha; 2, Kuska; 3, Bintz; 4, Becker; 5, Ost; 6, J. Lovcik; 7, Peterson; 8, Bohlman.

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