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Community Editor

Adam Kurtz is the community editor for the Grand Forks Herald. He covers higher education and other topics in Grand Forks County and the city.

Kurtz joined the Herald in July 2019. He covered business and county government topics before covering higher education and some military topics.

Kurtz is a Grand Forks native, and UND graduate. Prior to joining the Herald he worked as an English teacher in Japan for 17 years.

Tips and story ideas are welcome. Get in touch with him at, or DM at @ByAdamKurtz.

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Board members voted unanimously in favor of removing the testing requirement for admission at their regular monthly meeting on Thursday, May 26. The policy will go into effect on Aug. 1, 2023.
According to an NFI Group release, the plant is expected to close sometime in the fourth quarter of 2022. The bus maker is working on a cost-cutting plan, a series of initiatives, to cut costs by $67 million.
Louters' first four-year term on the board was scheduled to conclude at the end of June and she was eligible for reappointment for a second term. In a statement on Friday, Louters said she has accepted a part-time position with the North Dakota State University Extension Service.
On April 23, 2006, Sally Jacobson, then 61, underwent a liver transplant operation. The liver she received came from an 82-year-old donor. Now 99 years old, the transplanted liver is still going strong.
Leaders say the partnership agreement creates the chance to cooperate instead of compete on a goal they both desire – the reduction of carbon emissions, and the success of rural communities.
The creation of the programs, and the termination of one, show action on the part of individual campuses to create needed programs in the state, said North Dakota University System Chancellor Mark Hagerott.
Michael Kjelland, a professor at Mayville State University, and Jim Walla, a retired North Dakota State University research scientist, secured the patent on the prolific berry-producing tree in 2018. It’s been a yearslong project for the pair that is now bearing fruit.
Peter Nygard, a 1964 UND graduate, is facing multiple charges of sex trafficking and sexual assault.
The state is waiting for the U.S Department of the Treasury to release nearly $70 million in funding for career and technical education projects across the state.
The survey found that 80% of unvaccinated respondents are extremely hesitant to get the shots. When asked what would change their minds, people replied with “Nothing at this time.”