Jonny B's Brickhouse is serving up plenty of pizza and opportunities to those in the Buffalo City.

"I think there is a lot of opportunities here," said Jon Byer, Jonny B's owner. "I feel that giving back to our community by creating jobs and opportunities for the people of Jamestown is the best way that I can say thank you for everything Jamestown has given me over the years."

Jonny B's was awarded the 2019 JSDC Growing Jamestown Award Thursday morning. Businesses receiving the award must be currently working with or have previously worked with JSDC and have a positive influence on the local economy.

"Creating jobs is primarily what we are about here at the JSDC," said Corry Shevlin, JSDC business development director. "Jon's been able to do that in a number of different ways which is fantastic. Having his business expand and be a real success story from a community standpoint and an economic development standpoint is fantastic."

Previous winners of the JSDC Growing Jamestown Award were Agricover Inc. in 2018 and Magnum LTL Inc. in 2017.

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"It's very nice to see that people are appreciative of the hard work we have done," Byer said. "Personally, Jamestown is the town I grew up in and I love this town and I always will."

Byer opened the Brickhouse to the public on Dec. 15, 2015, and partnered with JSDC in 2019 when his second company, Brickhouse Frozen Products, split off from Jonny B's LLC. The two companies have employed more than 50 people in Jamestown. Byer said as the company is rapidly expanding and he predicts more hires in the future.

"Our frozen pizzas have expanded to every corner of the state," Byer said. "They are taking off quite a bit so that is creating many many jobs and opportunities for people in our town by creating our own manufacturing for the frozen pizzas and our own distribution for the frozen pizzas."

Whether patrons are doing the take-and-bake or the sit-down dine-in option, Byer said he is happy to serve. The restaurant is currently open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Delivery and carryout options are available.

Shevlin said the jobs that have developed since the establishment of Jonny B's have helped fuel a physical and economical appetite in the community.

"Being on Main Street and having a lovely facility and restaurant there is great for Jamestown," Shevlin said.