Daniel Buchanan, a Jamestown attorney whose practice is concentrated on estate planning, the administration of estates and trusts and related matters, will speak at a continuing education seminar for lawyers, accountants, financial planners and other professionals titled "The Probate Process From Start to Finish" on June 28 at the Fargo Holiday Inn. He will join William P. Pearce, Bismarck, and John Alan Warcup, Grand Forks, in the effort.

Buchanan will speak on the topic "Taking the First Step: Filing an Estate in Probate Court. " Subjects covered include small estates and their handling; regular estates, requiring more comprehensive handling; the estate’s timeline of necessary tasks; proving the validity of a will, and challenging wills obtained by unlawful means, or by failure to follow legal requirements. He will also participate with portions of the other speakers’ topics.

Other topics to be detailed by the presenters include: understanding the role of the personal representative (executor or administrator); preparing and managing the estate’s property, called the inventory; effective estate administration; ethical requirements and practices; the appropriate share for a surviving spouse of a deceased person; laws dealing with estates where there is no will or when a will fails to distribute the estate’s property; and closing the estate.

NBI, Eau Claire Wis., is the program sponsor. www.nbi-sems.com.

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