Midwest AgEnergy, Spiritwood, the parent company to ethanol biorefinery, Blue Flint, near Underwood, N.D., has announced that its employees have surpassed 12 years of safely working without a lost-time accident. This milestone was reached on April 13, 2019. A lost-time accident is defined as time lost to an employee who is injured on the job and cannot return to the next regularly scheduled shift.

Dakota Spirit, a Midwest AgEnergy biorefinery near Spiritwood that opened in June of 2015, has never had a lost-time accident.

“It has been great to be a part of such a dedicated and passionate team, we have gotten here because the group genuinely holds safety as a core value,” said Adam Dunlop, director of regulatory and technical services for Midwest AgEnergy. “Of course what got us here may not be enough to get us to the next level; we recognize we need to continue to find ways to improve each day.”

To learn more about Midwest AgEnergy, visit www.midwestagenergy.com.

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