Electronic Communications Inc. has purchased the former Jamestown Rural Fire Department building for an office it is locating here, said Marshall Pudwill of Bismarck, co-owner of the business.

“We specialize for the last 40 years in communications with public safety service and sales of radios for the public safety industry and the private and industrial sector and the business sector,” Pudwill said. “Everything from agricultural communications to business communications, industrial communications.”

Electronic Communications, a Motorola dealership, is working on parts of the new Statewide Interoperable Radio Network for the state of North Dakota and recently completed installing new radio equipment in the Stutsman County Communications Center (911 dispatch) in Jamestown. Other work with that project is expected in the area.

“I needed to open an office in Jamestown to meet the demand,” Pudwill said.

Pudwill said he had been looking for a location in Jamestown for a year and thought it was “cool” that he would eventually purchase the former JRFD building at 205 3rd Ave. NW. JRFD relocated to 1209 9th St. SE in March.

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Brian Paulson, JRFD fire chief, said JRFD received two bids for the building. Shirly Krapp, secretary/treasurer of the Jamestown Rural Fire District, said the district's board approved accepting the $295,000 bid from Pudwill and Tower Communications General Partnership at its July 23 bid opening. The closing date is Sept. 1.

“The board’s going to use the funds from the sale of the building to put toward future equipment purchases or truck replacement funds, that type of thing,” Paulson said.

The sale closes out a chapter for JRFD as it moves forward in its new building, Paulson said.

“We’re extremely happy we were able to sell it, very satisfied for what it brought as far as the bids,” he said. “Now we can keep planning for the future and other needs that are going to come up in the next few years.”

Electronic Communications Inc. has offices in Bismarck, Fargo, North Sioux City, South Dakota, and Las Vegas. Two employees are expected to be based in Jamestown, Pudwill said.

In addition to Pudwill there are two other co-owners in the business, Charles Hale, who is in Bismarck, and Hale’s son, Chuck, who is in Fargo. Charles Hale and Pudwill started the business in 1981, Pudwill said.

He said the business, which has 27 employees, has done projects at the state Capitol in Bismarck, for most of the casinos in North Dakota and in this area that includes the James River Correctional Center, North Dakota State Hospital and Jamestown Regional Medical Center.

Pudwill said the Jamestown location opening is largely due to the work the company is doing on the Statewide Interoperable Radio Network, known as SIRN 2020.

“The state of North Dakota recently purchased a radio system called SIRN 2020 and the company that sold it to the state is Motorola and the build-out is for the next two to five years,” he said. “There’s a ton of stuff to be done with that.”

As a Motorola dealership, Electronic Communications has sections of the state to do for the project, he said. 911 centers are the first part of the project, along with work at 45 tower sites. Agencies will later change their radios to work with the system, he said.

“The fire department will be changing radios, the police department will be changing radios at some point in time, sheriff’s department, all the public safety, the ambulances,” Pudwill said. “Everything that’s going to be in the public safety market’s going to have to be changing their communications systems to the new system that’s coming, the SIRN 2020. So it just made sense for us to be there.”

Electronic Communications will also maintain the 911 system in Jamestown, he added.

For more information, contact Electronic Communications at 701-258-7698.