Area residents turn to Jamestown Regional Medical Center for care

Many residents are surprised to learn that expert care is located nearby.

Jacqui Satrom is shown with her children, from left, Brailynn, Xander and Bjorn Satrom. Jacqui Satrom received foot care at Jamestown Regional Medical Center.
Contributed / Jamestown Regional Medical Center

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Traveling was not an option for this single mother. After years of wearing the wrong shoe size, her feet needed medical care. However, financially and logistically, if care wasn’t close to home, she decided she’d live with the pain.

Jacqui Satrom, Jamestown, is a mom to four and stepmom to two children all ages 4 to 18. When she isn’t managing a household and caring for little ones, she works in a preschool setting.

Earning her living with little children and caring for family became increasingly challenging. She tried at-home treatments like ointments, gels and shoe inserts. When those didn’t offer relief, she searched for foot doctors near her.

“I thought for sure I’d have to drive 100 miles for all my appointments and my surgery. I couldn’t afford that," Satrom said. "Plus, it wasn’t feasible because of my obligations at home.”


Satrom isn’t alone. Many residents are surprised to learn that expert care is located nearby.

Hayley Wolf chose OB/GYN Dr. Gregg McAdoo from Jamestown Regional Medical Center for her care. Wolf is a wife, mom of three, businesswoman and rancher. She chose JRMC because it was convenient and because it was the best, she said.

“Dr. McAdoo truly listened and made me feel comfortable while addressing my concerns,” she said. “He was knowledgeable and helped me realize that you don’t have to live this way. My health concerns mattered. Dr. McAdoo helped improve my quality of life and I am forever grateful for him and the exceptional care at JRMC. I’m so glad I had great care right here and I didn’t have to travel.”

Marion, North Dakota, resident Ralph Danuser said the community is fortunate to have cancer care close to home too. Danuser rang the JRMC Cancer Center graduation bell in December 2021.

The JRMC Cancer Center opened in 2019, in partnership with Sanford Health’s Roger Maris Cancer Center. In two years, the JRMC Cancer Center has saved those individuals 500,000 miles of travel. More than 2,000 of those miles are Danuser’s. Danuser also chose one of JRMC’s orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Michael T. Dean, when he needed joint replacements in 2013, 2016 and 2018.

“You’re a person at JRMC, not a number. Little things like that mean a lot to me,” he said.

Legendary teams are what make that care possible, said JRMC President and CEO Mike Delfs. Because of employees and local leadership on the operations board, he said, JRMC received recognition as a Top 100 Critical Access Hospital in 2022 -- the ninth year in a row.

“We’re proud to offer this care to this community,” he said. “Our board lives and works in this region. Local decision-making means the needs of our patients are front and center. In 10 years, JRMC has grown from a hospital with a small handful of providers to a medical center with a comprehensive team of specialists. Our community needs and deserves that care.”


Satrom is a benefactor of those local decisions.

When she needed care for her foot, she heard about Dr. Rachael Renschler, podiatrist/foot & ankle surgeon at JRMC and wanted to learn more.

“I read about Dr. Renschler and watched her video online to get to know her better. I also read the reviews," she said. "When I saw Dr. Renschler’s face, I just knew – this was the doctor to do my surgery.”

Renschler joined JRMC in 2018. She specializes in the conservative and surgical management of conditions of the foot and ankle. Renschler and her fellow podiatrist/foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Kayla Emter are committed to providing the most advanced podiatric and surgical care possible.

“The most rewarding aspect of caring for people is when they tell me their pain is gone,” Renschler said. “Feet are the foundation of a healthy life. With foot pain, quality of life suffers so activities that bring joy to patients are limited. I want to get patients back to living and enjoying life.”

Renschler surgically corrected bunions from Satrom’s left foot two years ago through a minimally invasive technique. Satrom received the same surgery on her right foot in February 2022.

Today, Satrom says she’s looking forward to road trips with her children. She missed out on sledding with them this winter, so she’s especially excited for hiking near waterfalls in Minnesota with the family this summer.

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Jamestown Regional Medical Center is located at 2422 20th St. SW, Jamestown. For more information, visit or call 701-952-1050.

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