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ND regulators monitoring saltwater spill near Killdeer

KILLDEER, N.D. — The North Dakota Oil and Gas Division is monitoring a spill that occurred last week at a saltwater disposal well about 25 miles north of Killdeer.

Deep Creek Adventures Co. verbally notified state regulators on Jan. 30 of a spill that occurred that day. It was later estimated to involve about 23,940 gallons of produced water and 420 gallons of oil.

An inspector visited the site the same day and confirmed that the spill remained on the disposal well location, with most of it contained within the diking around the tanks, said Alison Ritter, spokeswoman for the Oil and Gas Division.

The spill occurred when automatic shutoff devices failed and caused tanks to overflow, regulators said.

Companies are required to file an initial spill report in writing within 24 hours, but Deep Creek Adventures did not file one until Monday, Feb. 5, Ritter said. State regulators are investigating the delay in filing the report. A state inspector will monitor any additional cleanup.

Killdeer is 35 miles north of Dickinson.