Enzminger Steel has grain bin storage solutions

Drying and ventilation equipment is an important part of the business.

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Enzminger Steel LLC, formerly Enzminger Builders, has been in the grain bin business for more than 40 years. Whether you are interested in a single bin project or a multi-bin project the staff, has the knowledge and experience to assist you. From left: Dennis Enzminger, president; Larry Berg, maintenance; Adam Gaiser, dryer tech/sales; Sheri Guthmiller, office manager (foreground); and MaKenna Prigge, sales/graphic designer.
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JAMESTOWN — Enzminger Steel’s new building is about six months old and offers 13,500 square feet of storage for components for steel buildings and grain bins and a few antiques, according to Dennis Enzminger, president of the company.

“Mostly we offer grain storage and grain handling equipment,” he said. “Mostly on-farm storage.”

Duane Enzminger began selling steel buildings and grain bins in 1974. Originally, it also owned Dan Poland Machine which spun off into its own operation, although Enzminger Steel and Dan Poland Machine continue to operate side by side on the west edge of Jamestown.

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Dennis Enzminger began working in the business in 1996 and bought out his brother in 2007. With more than 25 years of experience in steel buildings, he has seen many changes in the industry in central North Dakota.


We started out putting 5,000-bushel bins on the farms. Now, we build them as large as 300,000 bushels.
Dennis Enzminger, president, Enzminger Steel

“Growing corn has been the biggest change,” he said.

A crop of corn has about three times the volume compared to wheat and other small grains that had been the principal crop previously.

“It increased our storage demand,” Enzminger said.

Much of the corn crop is stored on the farm after the fall harvest and can be delivered under contract to ethanol facilities or commercial elevators through the winter, he said.

Enzminger Steel offers equipment such as belt conveyors and augers to make handling the grain easier. Stair systems and ladders also make loading and unloading materials easier and safer.

Another aspect of grain storage is maintaining the quality of what is kept in the bins.

“Drying and ventilation equipment is an important part of our business,” Enzminger said.

But worker safety is more a matter of procedures than the equipment in and around the grain bin.


“Just don’t go in the bin, ever,” Enzminger said.

Another change in grain storage in the last 30 years has been the size of the bins.

“We started out putting 5,000-bushel bins on the farms,” he said. “Now, we build them as large as 300,000 bushels.”

Enzminger said farmers should monitor farm programs for low-interest loans or other incentives to build on-farm grain storage and notes he does have a supply of bins ready for construction this summer.

“We work with subcontractors for the summer building projects,” he said. “For farm bins, we are usually in and out of the place in two days.”

Enzminger Steel employs five people. People interested in grain bins and accessories can stop at the shop at 8040 36th St. SE, in Jamestown and see displays of grain bin accessories and take a look at the antique tractor and wagons on display above the office area.

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