Jamestown Regional Medical Center Wound & Hyperbarics Clinic named a heal-rate champion

Healogics, JRMC's partner in the clinic, recognized the clinic.

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Healogics recently recognized Jamestown Regional Medical Center’s Wound & Hyperbarics Clinic as a heal-rate champion.

JRMC’s Wound & Hyperbaric Center manages wounds that will not heal.

Healogics partners with JRMC’s Wound Center to provide advanced wound care. Without proper treatment patients may suffer for years without any improvement, or even worse, may face amputation. To provide that care, Healogics measures the Comprehensive Heal Rate (CHR), the number of days and the rate it takes a wound to heal. In the most recent quarter, the JRMC team made the greatest improvement in its healing rate from any other Healogics clinics in the Western Division.

“This award is an honor because it shows, as a team, we are dedicated to healing patients as quickly as possible so they can get back to their normal daily living,” said Holli Marquart, advanced practice registered nurse and certified nurse practitioner.

This year, Healogics also named the JRMC Wound Clinic a Center of Distinction because of its high patient satisfaction and heal rates. In JRMC’s case: 92% of patients reported they were satisfied with their care. Also, 92% of patients healed in 21 days or less.


Healogics partners with 700 Wound Care Centers like JRMC across the nation. Healogics and its partners treat more than 300,000 patients annually. In 2020 alone, JRMC’s Wound Center healed more than 100 individuals.

“We are proud of the wound team,” said Trisha Jungles, JRMC Chief Nursing Officer. “The Wound Center is one of the reasons JRMC remains a destination for care in the state.”

“This is such a fantastic achievement and really goes to show the work done to assure patients receive the healing care they need,” said Andria Roberts, Healogics’ clinical director of operations.

Learn more about wound healing at or call (701) 952-4878.

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