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North Dakota Corn Utilization Council election set in Stutsman County

The election will be on Jan. 13 at the Winter Ag Expo in Jamestown.

JSSP Ag News

Corn growers in Stutsman County are being urged to participate in the election of a county representative for the North Dakota Corn Utilization Council. All corn growers have an interest in the membership of the council and are encouraged to participate in the election at 3 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 13, during the Winter Ag Expo at the Jamestown Civic Center, 212 3rd Ave/ NE in Jamestown.

A voting producer is a person who plants or causes to be planted a corn crop in which the person has an ownership interest, with the intent that upon maturity the crop will be harvested in the next available or immediately preceding growing season. Producers have to reside in the county and have not requested a corn refund during the preceding year.

The election will be conducted under the supervision of Alicia Harstad, county Extension agent, NDSU Extension, Stutsman County.

The North Dakota Corn Utilization Council was created in 1991 by legislative enactment to facilitate the production, development, marketing and promotion of corn.

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