RE/MAX Now Jamestown and Valley City backed by 50 years of RE/MAX experience

RE/MAX provides resources to help agents with their clients and customers.

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RE/MAX Now Jamestown and Valley City was presented at the annual RE/MAX convention recently in Las Vegas. From left: Ross Powell, Travis Hart, Shelby Hart, Rob Keller, Beth Keller, James Jensen, Andrea Jensen, Erin Musland, Alicia Wanzek, Mitch Wanzek and Jens Anderson.
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JAMESTOWN — RE/MAX is marking a milestone this year with 50 years in business dealing with varying markets, said Beth Keller, broker/owner of RE/MAX Now Jamestown and Valley City.

That experience gives RE/MAX Now’s agents the education and the platform to move forward in confidence with clients and customers, she said.

RE/MAX has grown globally since it launched in 1973 and is now in 110 countries with 145,000 agents worldwide.

“In the United States, we were voted the number one-trusted real estate company,” Keller said.


RE/MAX Now agents say they are provided resources and support to knowledgeably assist their clients and customers.

“RE/MAX has so many resources for us to use,” said Sally Domke, who has been at the Jamestown location for six years. “Tons of internet resources. They’ve got marketing. They’ve got advertising, they’ve got education, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you become a RE/MAX agent. You have a ton of resources behind you.”

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Sally Domke
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She said it’s important to have a well-known franchise behind agents to support them.

“Having one behind you allows a Realtor to start their own business but you’ve got all the brand resources behind you,” she said. “You’ve got the name, you’ve got the international recognition …”

She also noted the annual RE/MAX convention, held recently in Las Vegas, provides a way for agents to grow in their career.

“They have so many opportunities for us to learn, to be excited about us, motivate us and that’s not something you’re going to get if you’re just your own little mom-and-pop business,” Domke said.

RE/MAX’s resources were important to Alicia Wanzek, who has been at the RE/MAX Now Jamestown office for two years.

“When it came to deciding where I wanted to hang my real estate license, I wanted to be with a company that had the experience and the proven success of RE/MAX,” she said.


That was echoed by Tim Perkins, who has been at RE/MAX Now for five years.

“It means that I am backed by the top real estate brand in the industry and always have the best resource and technology to support my business and allows us to give our clients the best experience possible,” he said.

“I am very thankful and blessed to be a part of the RE/MAX team,” he added. “The leadership and the colleagues we have here locally and at headquarters are first class. They provide us with tremendous amounts of resources to make our business successful and always allowing us to stay ahead of our competitors.”

The RE/MAX Now Jamestown and Valley City agents say they want to make the experience the best it can be for the clients and customers that they assist.

“... my passion is just helping people,” said Nichole Rahn Klundt, an agent with three years at the Jamestown location. “I want to help people with the process in every step of the process because anytime you’re buying or selling there’s a lot of stress, there’s a lot of emotion and I just want to make people feel comfortable. … I want to get it done to the best of my abilities and make everybody happy at the end of the day. I want them to have a good experience.”

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Nichole Rahn Klundt
Contributed / RE/MAX Now Jamestown and Valley City

“I just believe that every successful real estate transaction has a strong foundation of trust,” Wanzek added. “RE/MAX prides itself on having the number one-trusted agents in the U.S. for our clients who are having to make the largest investments of their lives, knowing that you can trust the agent you have representing you and trust that they have your best interests at heart is huge.”

In the United States, we were voted the number one-trusted real estate company.
Beth Keller, broker/owner, RE/MAX Now Jamestown and Valley City, on RE/MAX

“I really enjoy helping buyers with one of their biggest purchases of their lifetime and sellers moving on to the next chapter of their life,” Perkins said. “It’s rewarding to me to help clients through this process and see their excitement.”

He also likes to see how properties transform over the years,” he said.


The market

Keller said there’s currently a housing market shortage in Jamestown and Valley City.

“Even though the interest rates are a little bit higher at this point which was meant to slow down the buying of homes, we still are about 1,500 short between Stutsman County and Barnes County,” she said.

She said the demand remains for housing and the market is strong for people who want to sell.

“So as we are going forward, obviously, we know that we’re possibly facing a recession and our inflation is higher and our interest rates are higher,” she noted.

But RE/MAX Now Jamestown and Valley City has 50 years of RE/MAX experience with varying markets behind it, she said.

“They give me the confidence with their past experience and their education to move forward with customers and clients so they are confident in what we’re doing,” she said. “And that was really what the (recent RE/MAX) convention was about. They just really paved the way for us to be a stronger company for the future ahead.”

At RE/MAX Now Jamestown and Valley City, the agents are also Realtors, members of the National Association of Realtors who operate under a code of ethics.

James Jensen is the associate broker/owner for RE/MAX Now Jamestown and Valley City. He is located in Valley City.


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