GRAND FORKS -- Rhombus Guys may experience a surge in people looking to order its pizzas online.

Dave Portnoy, a controversial Barstool Sports figure with a large social media following, has popularized his one-bite pizza reviews and his latest one was a frozen pizza Rhombus Guys in Grand Forks.

Rhombus Guys sent a personalized frozen pizza to Portnoy, labeling it "Barstool Cheese."

Per his pizza review tradition, Portnoy takes just one bite of the pizza before calling out a score from 0-10. He gave Rhombus Guys a 6.8, and encouraged his followers to order it online. Rhombus Guys also has a downtown Fargo location.

"It's a good, solid, quality frozen pizza," Portnoy said. "Support 'em."

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Soon after the review was posted Sunday night, the Rhombus Guys website was unable to load. It was back to normal by Monday.

Portnoy, who has 1.3 million followers on Twitter and 2.2 million on Instagram, mentioned that when he thinks of North Dakota, he thinks of hockey national championships, T.J. Oshie and cold weather.

The review lasts 8 minutes, 27 seconds, but Portnoy spends much of it going on a profanity-laced tirade against Eater for referring to his history of misogyny.

Portnoy and Barstool have a long, controversial history.

For example, Portnoy once said a 20-year-old female employee at Barstool would be too ugly to be on camera in five years and refused to apologize for the statement.

A prospective employee also turned down an offer after seeing language in the contract that asked her to acknowledge that as part of her job, she "may be exposed to speech and conduct that explicitly relates to sex, sexual orientation, gender, national origin, religion, disability and age."

ESPN once partnered with Barstool, but promptly ended the relationship after one episode, in part due to Portnoy's prior offensive comments about Sam Ponder.

Despite the numerous controversies, Portnoy has built a massive, loyal following, primarily made up of adolescent and middle-aged men.

Pizza places have often seen surges in business after reviews from Portnoy.