Service after the sale is an important part of Lifestyle Appliance & Entertainment Center in Jamestown, said owner Toni Wegenast.

“Everything in the store that we sell we can service,” she said.

The business offers not only free delivery but also makes sure whatever is purchased is ready for use before they leave.

“If we deliver a fridge that’s got an ice maker … we can’t do any plumbing but if there’s already a water line there, it’s hooked up and usable when we leave,” she said. “Washers - you can throw a load of laundry in and wash your clothes when we walk out the door.”

Having that new purchase delivered, installed and ready to use is important to customers, Wegenast said.

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“It’s a big deal,” she said. “I think it is what has helped us stand out for 40-plus years. ... there’s companies that have done that off and on but we’ve always done that. And it was a big deal to Colin and I when we purchased the store from his parents that we kept those values.”

There are 10 full-time people employed at the business including Wegenast and her husband, Colin. And employees have longevity, she noted.

“Our service department, I have three full-time service technicians that bring over 30 years experience,” she said. “I think that says a lot. We have one technician that just hit his 20-year anniversary.”

The service technicians are sent to schools and other training to keep them up on new products and technology. They are also encouraged to be active in the community, she said.

“Colin and I are both involved in a number of organizations and we encourage our employees to be involved,” she said. That includes helping them with membership dues and allowing time away during the day when feasible for community involvement.

Lifestyle Appliance carries multiple brands of appliances along with hot tubs and Big Green Egg grills.

“We have used appliances, too,” Wegenast said, most of which have a 30-day warranty.

Lifestyle Appliance is open from 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday.

“There’s a lot of times that people call and say, ‘I’m a few miles out of town, I won’t get there until 6 or 6:15, is that possible?’ and if we don’t have something going we will definitely stay for people,” Wegenast said. “That’s not a problem at all.”

This story is advertorial content that appeared in the 2020 Progress Edition of The Jamestown Sun.