Simply Home furnishes homes all over the area

The Meidingers have been running the store since 2007.

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Kris Meidinger and her son, Jamie, opened Simply Home in 2007 in Jamestown.
John M. Steiner / The Jamestown Sun

Jamie Meidinger and his mother, Kris Meidinger, opened Simply Home in 2007 in order to keep the furnishing of a home simple.

The business has not always been in its current location, 2619 8th Ave. SW, having previously spent time inside the Buffalo Mall.

Kris Meidinger said that the idea to open the store came from her previous experience selling home furnishings.

It seems like every three years there is a different trend. Right now it's a farmhouse trend and everything is black, white and gray.
Kris Meidinger, owner, Simply Home

“I’ve always liked decor,” she said. “I used to sell home interiors years and years ago which was a home-based company where you went into people’s homes and they’d have a party and you would sell decor. The people at their home would order decor and the hostess would earn decor and so I had done that. I was raising my kids into day care for a few years and the opportunity came up for this and it just seemed like a good time to try it.”

One of the big changes that the store has dealt with since first opening its doors has been the changing tastes of consumers.


“Through all those years, the decor things have changed too,” Meidinger said. “It seems like every three years there is a different trend. Right now it's a farmhouse trend and everything is black, white and gray. You always have to stay a step ahead, you have to know what’s going to be the new thing coming out. We have to order our merchandise months ahead.”

A lot of the store’s loyal customers come from all over the area to buy hard-to-find items or season-specific products, Meidinger said.

“We have our tried-and-true customers,” she said. “We have regular customers from Fargo, some from Bismarck, quite a few from Valley City and the towns south, like Edgeley, Kulm and LaMoure, and Carrington, they are repeat customers. They come according to the seasons a lot of times. They’ll know that we have Easter stuff or Christmas stuff. I have some ladies that come just for our table runners, just because they say they are hard to find, so we have some customers come just for certain things.”

Some of the unique products that they sell are funeral-related items for pets, Meidinger said.

“I do a lot of dog and cat pet memorial items, frames and stepping stones for memorials,” Meidinger said. “We do a lot of unique baptismal gifts as well. Those are probably our top items. People will come in looking specifically for a baptismal gift or a baptismal christening outfit and the pet things. I do quite a section of pet stuff, the pet memorial, pet signs, pet picture frames, different things for pets.”

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Simply Home has a large selection of baby gifts.
John M. Steiner / The Jamestown Sun

The calling card of the store is having season-specific merchandise, which has been affected by COVID supply-chain issues, Meidinger said.

“With COVID and everything it’s been a struggle because we didn’t get a lot of the things ordered,” she said. “They can’t keep up with it, we probably only got less than half of all the merchandise that we’ve ordered in the last year and a half for our seasons. … It hurt our Christmas because we didn’t have as much merchandise as we would’ve wanted to have.”

A unique thing that the store offers is classes, which Meidinger said was a necessity with the increase in people shopping online. The length of the classes depends on what they are making, going between two to four hours on average.


"We get ladies who come up, we get some men every now and then too," Meidinger said. "We make different things like wreaths, door hangers, plaques, wood signs for in the house.”

The store also has a coffee shop attached. As the customers in the store increase during the holiday season, Meidinger said they close the coffee shop in order to better assist those in the main part of the store.

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Simply Home

2619 8th Ave. SW
Hours: Noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday; Noon to 6:30 p.m. Thursday; 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday

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