Thrift chosen First Community Credit Union Volunteer of the Year

Amanda Thrift volunteered more than 170 hours in 2022.

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Amanda Thrift
Amanda Thrift

First Community Credit Union announced its Volunteer of the Year is employee Amanda Thrift.

In recent years, FCCU launched a volunteer program where employees track the number of hours they volunteer outside of work. Whether it is helping at church, coaching basketball, or volunteering at the James River Humane Society, FCCU encourages, recognizes and rewards staff who are involved in their communities.

Thrift, originally from Jamestown, volunteered over 170 hours in Jamestown and surrounding communities in 2022. She actively participates in Kiwanis, Prairie Paws Rescue and Jamestown Tourism in addition to volunteering at FCCU events. Thrift is the FCCU Jamestown retail manager.

"My parents taught us from a young age, through leading by example, that it is important to get involved and make a difference in areas that matter to us," Thrift said on why she feels it's important to volunteer. S“If I’m able to use some of my time and energy to make an impact on my community while focusing on something I am passionate about, it’s a win for everyone. When I moved back to (the) Jamestown area in 2013, I decided to get involved in Kiwanis and Prairie Paws Rescues, which has led to many great friendships, connections and other volunteering opportunities over the years. I am thankful to be working for an organization who is as passionate about our community as I am and supports my involvement.”


FCCU staff accumulated and tracked nearly 2,700 volunteer hours during 2022. FCCU thanked all staff who donate time to their communities.

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