Voters select the Best of the Jamestown Area for the 11th year

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The technology of determining the best businesses, professionals, coaches and events of the Jamestown area has changed in the 11 years that The Jamestown Sun has been conducting the Best of the Jamestown Area poll.

The enthusiasm shown by the public for the people, places and businesses that do the best job of serving the community has been steady.

"This year's publication is the biggest ever by adding close to 50 new categories in the mix," said Rob Keller, Jamestown Sun publisher.

Back in 2009, the first "Best of" competition was strictly paper ballots published in The Jamestown Sun and The Prairie Post. The public marked their ballots and sent the ballots in or dropped them off at The Sun office.

Then the staff of the paper tallied up the votes by hand and declared winners.


Over the next years, an online voting option was added. This year, new technology was used to make that voting experience more colorful and interactive for the more than 2,200 people who marked their favorites in more than 100 categories.

That marks an increase of more than 300 people from the 1,900 who cast ballots last year.

"The 'Best of' is a way to highlight individuals or a specific business for their efforts throughout the year," Keller said. "No matter the place that a business or individual has taken, it is considered an honor to be in the mix for the conversation piece for 'Best of the Jamestown Area.'"

This year, with nearly twice as many categories, people had more opportunities to recognize their favorites in many new categories.

Every year, we tip our hat in thanks to the business community in Jamestown. We've always known the quality of the area's merchants and professionals is second to none and we like to think the Best of the Jamestown Area gives the people of the community a chance to recognize that quality.

The poll can also serve as a directory of the top businesses of the area for new residents or longtime residents looking for a new experience or opportunity.

We thank those people who took the time to vote whether online or on paper. It is their opinion that makes this project important to the community.

Ultimately, the winners in this poll receive more than a certificate from The Jamestown Sun. They receive the recognition of the community that they go a little farther and offer a little more service and value in their field of expertise.


"It gives people a chance for the people of Jamestown to recognize who is the best at what they do," Keller said.

The following list includes the winners of each category and the two other finalists listed in the order of votes received.

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