Applebee’s Tip-A-Cop is Sept. 13-14 in Jamestown

The event raises awareness of Special Olympics North Dakota.

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Law enforcement across the state will be working at the Applebee’s Tip-A-Cop event from 5 to 9 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 13-14, including in Jamestown.

Law enforcement personnel from dozens of agencies and Special Olympics North Dakota athletes and partners will serve the public as they greet, wait on tables and educate the public about the program.

More than 100 law enforcement personnel will volunteer their time at Applebee's Neighborhood
Grill and Bars to raise awareness and tip money benefiting Special Olympics North Dakota.

The Law Enforcement Torch Run program is the largest public awareness and fundraising program for Special Olympics. It started in North Dakota in 1985 to raise money and awareness for Special Olympics North Dakota and the State Summer Games. Each year more than 400 law enforcement officers in North Dakota promote the concept of partnership and prosperity as the “Guardians of the Flame.”

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