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Rotary learns about hurricane relief

Troy McNear, who is employed with the Department of Energy and a member of the Air Force Reserves, was the guest speaker at the recent Jamestown Rotary Club meeting. He was introduced by Rotarian Steve Berntson.

McNear explained the humanitarian mission of the Air Force that he is a part of. It is called the Air Lift Control Flight, and they recently were deployed to St. Thomas to provide relief from Hurricanes Erma and Maria. McNear said St. Thomas Island has a population of 50,000 people and was hit hard by the hurricanes. They were deployed for 18 days and had 390 aircraft fly in with relief supplies. St. Thomas has very good wells so water was not a problem for them, he said. McNear said the destruction in Puerto Rico, with a population of 3.5 million, had more problems. They needed to get supplies mostly by ship because of their docking system. Dealing with all of the debris from the hurricanes will be a major problem because they have no place to put it.

McNear has been a member of the Air Force, Air Guard and Air Force Reserves for 27 years and lives in Jamestown.

National Honor Society Student guests were Emma Bennett and Samara McDermid. Dave Smette reminded Rotarians of Rotary Polio Day. Rotary has eradicated polio in all but two countries (Pakistan and Afghanistan). Erin Paulson asked for volunteers to put up Christmas lights on the west side of Mill Hill.

Paulson presided over the meeting. The invocation was given by Shawn Johnson. Curt Liechty collected “Happy Dollars” to support Rotary projects. Eric Weber was the song leader with Mark Reeves on the piano.

The Oct. 31 meeting will be introduced by Rob Lech. Curt Liechty will have the invocation. Song leader and Sergeant-of-Arms will be Bob Boyar.