The 42nd annual Runnin O' the Green will honor the Jack Brown family for its years of support for the event, according to Larry Knoblich, organizer and founder of the event.

The annual pub crawl will begin at 2 p.m. Saturday, March 21. The event begins at the Frontier Fort and ends at Shady's at the Gladstone Inn & Suites. The Runnin O' the Green is being held on the weekend after St. Patrick's Day to avoid conflict with the NAIA National Women's Wrestling Tournament in Jamestown and other pub crawl-type events around the region.

The late Jack Brown was director of Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department many years ago when the Runnin O' the Green changed its route to pass through McElroy Park.

"When we started the Run the park system wasn't in the loop," Knoblich said. "When we changed to the present route, Jack said the park department would do all it could to help out."

Cassie Stratford, a granddaughter of Jack Brown who was fighting cancer at the time, was the first to receive a donation from the proceeds of the first Run.

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"Generations of the Brown family have supported this," Knoblich said. "Even now the family is very supportive."

Richard Brown, son of Jack Brown, said the family's support goes back to the event's earliest days.

"It is good for Camp Grassick and good for the city," he said. "You hear people say they've heard of the Runnin O' the Green and say they want to come next year."

Knoblich's Runnin O' the Green has grown in the 42 years since its inception. Last year, 1,550 people participated which was down from 1,770 people the previous year. The 2019 event had been pushed back a week after St. Patrick's Day to avoid conflict with the first-ever NAIA Women's Wrestling Tournament held in Jamestown on March 15-16, 2019.

The move also avoided a blizzard that brought traffic, and most other activity, to a halt in Jamestown that weekend. The NAIA Women's Wrestling Tournament was shortened to a single day from the original two-day event.

"You couldn't drive in downtown Jamestown much less walk," Knoblich said, referring to snow-filled streets during the weekend of March 15-16. "It kind of worked out all right."

Proceeds from the 2019 Run provided $25,000 in support to Elks Camp Grassick and about $10,000 to local cancer patients in the area.

"It is hurtful to me to hear about cancer patients," Knoblich said. "Especially young people with cancer."

The 2020 edition of the Runnin O' the Green follows the same route and basic plan as the last several years. Participants must be 21 years of age and have a drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, at the Frontier Fort, Buff Bar, Knights of Columbus, Elks, Wonder Bar, Corner Bar, Jonny B's Brickhouse, Office Bar, Fred's Den and All Vets Club before hitting the finishing line at Shady's.

Knoblich stressed drinking in moderation, traveling safely around town and not breaking any local laws.

Jamestown ordinances prohibit any open containers of alcohol outside the bar buildings or the fenced exterior areas operated at the stops along the pub crawl.

Preregistration is open for the event at a cost of $30 which includes a commemorative T-shirt. People can register early at the Elks, Cork & Barrel and Wildside Creations. Registration is also available on the Friday before the Run at the Elks and on the day of the Run at Frontier Fort and Cork & Barrel Liquors. Registration on the day of the Run is $10 but does not include the T-shirt.

Few people register early for the Runnin O' the Green, Knoblich said. He credits that trend to many people waiting to see what the weather will be like for the event.

"Hopefully it is good weather," he said. "That is a key factor."

This year, like all the past years, Knoblich plans on walking the route. That includes down the hill from the Frontier Fort to the bridge and McElroy Park.

"It's is getting tougher to get around but I will get down that hill," he said. "I'm hanging around for the 50th year and I'll make it down the hill then too."