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WW I vets to be named from 1883 courthouse steps

On Sunday, Nov. 11, at 11 a.m., the names of Stutsman County soldiers who died in World War 1 will be called out from the steps of the historic 1883 Stutsman County Courthouse. It will commemorate 100 years since the “War to End All Wars” ended.

David Bratton, veterans affairs officer in Jamestown, at 11 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 11, will stand on the steps of the historic 1883 courthouse, and call out the names of all Stutsman County living and dead veterans who served in World War I. This will be among many special tributes to those who served between 1914 and 1918. He will be assisted by Steven Reidburn, site supervisor for the historic 1883 courthouse.

Throughout the United States bells will toll at 11 a.m. that day. Commemorations will take place from every part of the world in various time zones,  celebrating the end of that awful war. Each country has its own method of, and reasons for remembering, but all do remember, and all seek peace to replace the deadliest war up to that time.  

These names will be called out: after the bells stop tolling on 11-11-2018 at 11 a.m. (Those who were killed in action (KIA), died of wounds (DOW) or of diseases DOD). The calling out is opened to the public to witness.

Hans Adolph Anderson, Montpelier (KIA), Samuel Lee Avis, Jamestown  (DOD), Oscar A Bast, Streeter (DOD), John Batsch, Cleveland (DOD), Fred William Berner, Jamestown (DOD), Harry v. Brown, Montpelier (DOD), Gustav Carlson, Jamestown (DOD), Edward Faunce Chase, Jamestown (DOD), George Chell, Jamestown (DOD), and Howard Leland Cotton, Cleveland (DOD).

Also, Thomas Francis DeVaney, Jamestown  (KIA), Fred R. Dunn, Jamestown (KIA), William Fidder,  Jamestown (DOD), John Florhaug, Kensal (KIA), Louie Foreman, Fried (KIA), Clifford George Gallipo, Jamestown (DOD), Willis J. Gallup, Jamestown  (DOD), Marinus Hald, Jamestown (KIA), Edward Hart, Cleveland (KIA), Elmer Miller Johnstad, Jamestown (DOD), and Philip Edward Joos, Jamestown (KIA).

Also,  Andrew Jorgenson, Kensal  (DOD), Joseph G. Kachel, Fried (DOD),  Earl Laverne Kneeland, Medina (DOD), Benjamin Emanuel Lawrence, Courtenay (KIA), Otto Leysring, Windsor  (KIA), Peter J. Lorenz, Fried (KIA), Elmer Peterson, Jamestown (DOD), Gordon Harold Powers, Jamestown (DOD), Fremont Wesley Rice, Marstonmoor (DOD), and Albert Benedict Ries, Jamestown  (DOD).

Also, Ernest Adam DeNault Robertson, Jamestown (KIA) French Croix de Guerre; John Louis Scheidt,  Jamestown (DOD), Fred Schmuhl, Jamestown (DOD), Edward Elmore Siltman, Jamestown (DOD), Herman Nickolay Skjerseth,  Jamestown (KIA), James Smith, Jamestown (KIA), Andrew Sonerud, Jamestown (DOD), and Jesse Albert Tiedemann, Jamestown  (DOW).

Also, Arthur Herman Bert Tiedemann, Jamestown (DOW), Cecil Henry Tracy, Jamestown   (KIA), Gordon Norton Vorous, Jamestown (DOD), Ambrose John Walsh, Jamestown (KIA), Kennedy Scott Wanner, Jamestown (KIA), Charles Theodore Winkley, Jamestown (KIA), Thomas K. Yankoske, Jamestown (KIA).