'Jamestown Has It': Water recreation opportunities in the Jamestown area

There are swimming pools, rivers and reservoirs to serve as a medium for play.

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Water Recreation Opportunities in the Jamestown Area

By Nici Flann, Two Rivers Activity Center aquatics specialist

Recreational opportunities in and around water abound in our region. No matter the season, there are fun aquatic opportunities indoors and out. There are swimming pools, rivers and reservoirs to serve as a medium for play.


Often a swimming pool comes to mind first when we think of water recreation. Year-round swimming is available in many places in our community. Two Rivers Activity Center is operated by the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department. They have water slides, a lazy river, lap lanes and a new splash park. TRAC is open to the public as well as to members. Jamestown High School has a pool that is used mostly by competitive teams. Opportunities there are JAWS club swim team for youth up to 6th grade and post-high school, Blue Jay swim camps and competitive teams for grades 7-12, and Masters Swimming for anyone over 18.

Area hotels also have pools that may be available for family reunions or parties. Call for availability. Summer is the season for backyard pools. While these can be super convenient, they pose a significant safety risk if not properly attended. Be sure you are able to restrict access to the pool when not in use, and educate everyone about the risks, especially diving into water shallower than 9 feet.

The James and Pipestem rivers offer places to explore while fishing, kayaking and canoeing. Survey your route and wear personal flotation devices!

Each of the rivers has been dammed upstream of town to create reservoirs. Here we can fish, boat, paddle board and swim. Jamestown Reservoir has a designated swimming beach with sand for the littles to play in. In the winter, there is ice fishing and snowmobiling. If the surface has frozen without wind, there is some great ice skating! Otherwise, there are outdoor and indoor rinks for recreational skating, hockey and figure skating.

Some overlooked activities around water are watching wildlife and scientific exploration. There is a huge variety of birds that migrate through the region twice a year, often along the rivers. Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge is a wonderful place to visit and learn about the animals and plants who rely on the water as much as we do. There are also home sampling kits, identification guides and the like to help build curiosity and knowledge about the world of water and the life it supports.

Water is vital for all known forms of life. It is a medium for fun and exploration. Check out the numerous opportunities for water recreation in our area!

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