Jamestown High School speech team competes in events

Several students qualified for state recently.

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Members of the Jamestown High School speech team include front, from left, Autumn Roberts, Nevaeh Romfo, Avery Mee, Josh Molina, Emma Hoke and Eden Ellingson; middle, from left, Jakolby Jasmann, Maddy Orr, Emma Wiley, Haley Mathias, Anja McDermid, Devin Manson and Tyler Piehl; and back, from left, Trinity Cross, Olivia Schriock, Ross Motter, Pete Weinzierl, Daniel Nyland, Matthew Motschenbacher and Madison Grieve.
Contributed / Chantel Harr

The Jamestown High School speech team earned 26 awards at its meet on Feb. 12 at St. Mary’s High School in Bismarck. The team competed against three Class A schools and seven Class B schools.

Along with the awards the team members earned, there were two state qualifiers: Olivia Schriock in poetry interpretation and Haley Mathias in extemporaneous speaking. Individual results include:

Dramatic Interpretation – Ross Motter, second, Emma Wiley, fifth

Extemporaneous Speaking - Haley Mathias, first (state qualifier); Will Nelson, fourth; Madison Grieve, seventh

Humorous Duo – Emma Hoke and Autumn Roberts, eighth


Humorous Interpretation – Olivia Schriock, fifth, Hoke, top novice

Impromptu Speaking – Nelson, third; Grieve, sixth; Peter Weinzierl, seventh

Poetry – Schriock, first (state qualifier), Mathias, eighth

Radio Broadcasting – Maddy Orr, fifth

Serious Duo – Anja McDermid and Daniel Nyland, fifth

Serious Prose – Motter, second, McDermid, third

Speech to Entertain – Weinzierl, seventh

Speech to Inform –Wiley, second; Orr, third; Avery Mee, seventh


Speech to Persuade - Matthew Motschenbacher, fourth, Katheryn Dobson, top novice

Storytelling – Paris Eslick, third; Nevaeh Romfo, fourth; Motschenbacher, seventh

The team traveled to Fargo South High School on Feb. 19 to compete against 11 Class A and B schools. The team brought home 17 awards, including one state qualifier – Ross Motter in serious prose. Individual results include:

Dramatic Interpretation – Motter, sixth, Wiley, eighth

Extemporaneous Programmed Reading – CeCe Maulding, third, Motter, sixth

Humorous Duo – Wiley and Orr, fourth

Humorous Interpretation – Schriock, fifth; Motter, sixth; Eden Ellingson, top novice

Poetry – Schriock, fifth


Radio Broadcasting – Orr, second

Serious Duo – Mathias and Romfo, top novice

Serious Prose – Motter, first (state qualifier)

Speech to Inform – Orr, third; Wiley, fifth; Mee, superior speaker

Speech to Persuade - Motschenbacher, fifth

Storytelling – Romfo, second

The last meet in February was on Feb. 26 at Mandan High School. JHS competed against 26 Class A and B schools and finished with nine state qualifiers: Madison Grieve both in impromptu and extemporaneous speaking, Maddy Orr in radio broadcasting, Emma Wiley in dramatic, Ross Motter in humorous, Anja McDermid in serious prose, Anja McDermid and Daniel Nyland in serious duo, Matthew Motschenbacher in speech to persuade, and Emma Hoke in humorous. Individual results include:

Dramatic Interpretation – Wiley, second (state qualifier); Motter, fourth; Trinity Cross, fifth

Extemporaneous Programmed Reading – Maulding, eighth, Dobson, top novice

Extemporaneous Speaking - Grieve, second (state qualifier); Tyler Piehl, sixth; Mathias, eighth

Humorous Duo – Cross and Maulding, fourth

Humorous Interpretation – Motter, first (state qualifier), Hoke, second, (state qualifier)

Impromptu Speaking – Grieve, second, (state qualifier), Weinzierl, sixth

Radio Broadcasting – Orr, first (state qualifier)

Serious Duo – McDermid and Nyland, first (state qualifier)

Serious Prose – McDermid, first (state qualifier), Motter, second

Speech to Entertain – Weinzierl, seventh, Mee, eighth

Speech to Inform – Orr, fifth, Wiley, sixth

Speech to Persuade - Motschenbacher, first (state qualifier), Dobson, superior speaker

Storytelling – Eslick, fourth, Romfo, fifth

The team traveled to Carrington on March 5 and has a home tournament at JHS on March 26 before the WDA tournament and state in April. The team is coached by Laura Weis, Chantel Harr, Brittney Carpenter and Gabi Oberg.

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