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Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 6:08pm

Board Retreat Meeting
Minutes of the board retreat Jamestown Public School Board meeting held on Monday January 7 th , 2019, at 5:15 P.M. in the Central Office Conference room of Jamestown Public Schools
Present: President Roger Haut, Jennifer Schmidt, Diane Hanson, Steve Veldkamp, Jason Rohr, Melissa Gleason, Heidi Larson, Business Manager and Superintendent Robert Lech. Greg Allen arrived at 5:35 pm. President Haut welcomed Tom Laventure from the Jamestown Sun and Adam Gehlhar, High School Principal.
The board reviewed the board norms. Discussion was held on if they need to be revised and do they meet the needs of the board. The consensus was the board norms are good and no changes were recommended.
Dr. Lech reviewed a NDSBA tool for the board to conduct an evaluation of the board collectively. He suggested that the tool be used for both the board to evaluate as a board unit and each individual board member to conduct a self-evaluation. Dr. Lech suggested this be completed and suggested by the second meeting in September and the second one be done by the second meeting in January.
Dr. Lech reviewed the roles and responsibilities of the board and the superintendent.
The board broke out into three groups and analyzed three separate scenarios. Each group came back and discussed how they would handle the scenarios.
Dr. Lech reviewed their strengths from the strength finder test. Jennifer stated she felt
comfortable analyzing the policies, but does not feel she is strong at communicating them.
Dr. Lech asked the board to write comments on his evaluation. He utilizes this information to grow professionally.
Dr. Lech and Adam Gehlhar discussed the increase in mental and behavioral health issues. Recent meetings with State Hospital and Human Service Center and Jamestown Public School will continue as they collaborate to find solutions.
Diane Hanson left at 8:00 pm
Dr. Lech reviewed building facility options Next steps to consider would be to 1) bring forward another referendum 2) pursue a vote to enhance the building fund 3) bond from the building fund and 4) some combination of the above options.
Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.
February 8,2019