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Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 6:08pm

Special Meeting
Minutes of the special Jamestown Public School Board meeting held on Tuesday, December 18, 2018, 12:00 (noon) pm in the District Office, conference room.
Present: Roger Haut, President, Heidi Larson, Vice President by phone, Melissa Gleason, Diane Hanson, Robert Toso, Jennifer Schmidt, Superintendent, Robert Lech and Business Manager, Sally Ost. Greg Allen, Jason Rohr, and Steve Veldkamp was absent.
President Haut called the meeting to order.
Guests: Robin Iszler and Tom LaVenture from Jamestown Sun.
Superintendent Lech explained the Safe Route to Schools Grant application plan. The plan would create a drop-off lane through a cutout on the front (west) side of Middle School, replace diagonal parking on the south side with horizontal drop off lanes, new sidewalk to connect the new drop-off to the front of the Middle School and a speedtable /crosswalk at the front of the Middle School. The plan includes consistent striping, signage and lighted beacons at all of the elementary schools. The total cost of the project is $595,000.00, grant portion $290,000.00 with total proposed construction costs $439,395.00. This option would assess cost to Jamestown Public School of $228,750.00 from the City of Jamestown. The other option would be to do the middle school changes and do the signage in the next grant cycle. Superintendent Lech recommends to do the whole project as planned. Mrs. Schmidt moved, seconded by Mr. Toso to approve the Safe Routes to Schools grant with the City of Jamestown for the full amount of $228,750.00. Roll call vote: Mrs. Gleason, yes; Mrs. Hanson, yes; Mr. Haut, yes; Mrs. Larson, yes Mrs. Schmidt, yes; Mr. Toso, yes. Passed 6-0. Motion carried.
There being no further business, President Haut adjourned the meeting.
February 8,2019