Armstrong votes against burn pit legislation

I am angry that Kelly Armstrong voted NO on HR 3967, the “Honoring our PACT Act.” It would be a no-brainer for me to provide this type of support to our veterans . . . but for Kelly Armstrong, it was a step too far.

This act expands VA healthcare benefits to 3.5 million veterans who have been exposed to burn pits and other toxic substances during their time of service to our country. This legislation provides lifesaving support for veterans, including the 46,000 in North Dakota. It will cover some 20-presumptive conditions connected to burn pits and other toxic exposures, including hypertension, asthma, and several types of cancer, for veterans who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and more. This means veterans don’t have to fight with the VA to prove their injuries are service connected when they’ve already fought for so long. But, Kelly Armstrong said NO and dishonored his commitment to our veterans.

For me, the PACT Act says we stand by you and we will never forget the sacrifices you made to protect our country. When our veterans volunteer their health and well-being to serve us all, the least we can do is provide access to necessary care and support when they return home.

As North Dakota’s lone voice in Congress, I will always stand with and support our veterans and all men and women in active military service. Thank you for your sacrifice, your bravery, and all you do for our country.
Mark Haugen
Bismarck, ND