Proven Leaders with a United Front

This letter is paid content. The Dalai Lama once said, “A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.” When it comes to what is taking place in District 12 among the Republican candidates it is no surprise.

North Dakota Republicans have long-dominated just about every facet of government for many years and it is no surprise that over the past couple of years it has brought out all sorts of interesting people vying for office. Some competition is good, but let’s all be honest that it has to blow your mind seeing how much money is being spent for a simple primary race in the form of mailers to every mailbox and signs on just about every piece of rentable property in town.

All of this seems to have stemmed from a spat over an old Midwest adage of ‘the anointed’ and ‘good ‘ol boys’ form of politicking that the Midwest has prided itself for years.

Whatever side of the aisle you’re on, this has to reek just about as bad as cleaning out the manure pile from the feedlot at this time of the year.

As I said before, competition is a good thing, and as much as you may be seeing all the mailers and signs, there are other candidates who are vying for office.

North Dakota Democrats, Senator John Grabinger, George Barnes and Pam Musland are very different from all the garbage, simple-sounding memes and misinformation you see on social media. Now before the eyes roll back in your head and you hear the words, Pelosi, Obama and Schumer and that vein in the side of your neck begins to pulsate, remember that Midwest Democrats, especially ND Democrats, are very different than the national politics.

If you like to be informed, believe that policy and politics are all local. If you believe in making this state a better place by helping our farmers, ranchers, public employees and know that simply working two job to make ends meet isn’t economically viable to you or your community then ND Democrats are the party to be involved in.

P.S. The ND Democratic Party doesn’t require dues to simply be involved.

Chad Elhard

Jamestown, N.D.