Paid political letter: Say no to ND term limits!!!

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Measure 1 proposing term limits for the ND legislature is an attack on the public’s longstanding right to choose who they wish to vote into office.

Since statehood North Dakotans have had the right to vote for the candidates they choose. Term Limits take away that right. Don’t let big money and outstate interests change the state’s constitution and our way of choosing our legislative candidates!!

This measure is being introduced because outstate interests are upset at the legislature for not passing their agenda. So, now they want to change the rules. North Dakotans have a long proud history of being able to pick the right candidates they see fit for their community and North Dakota.

Term limits take away your choice of candidates and your right to vote the way you see fit. There’s a reason why 6 states have repealed their term limit laws and why it’s been over 20 years since a state has passed this. In 1996 ND voters voted down term limits for these reasons.

Say no to term limits for the ND legislature and preserve your longstanding right to vote for who you want!!

Rep. Mike Nathe
Bismarck, ND