Slander and Lies!

This letter is paid content. The only thing that was correct on the “Don’t Be Fooled” advertisement, a couple weeks ago, was the fact that the District 12 GOP “Executive Committee” made errors and mistakes. What a shameless attack on a great guy like Grant Christensen! I am a young man concerned for the future of North Dakota, and I paid my dues at the door as instructed in the letter sent out by the Chair that stated that dues “Must be paid by time of endorsement”. After showing the letter to other members of District 12, I witnessed at least a few Executives meet prior to the convention. They announced that they were opening voting parameters to include those that paid at the door. I then witnessed another young man, Rory Somsen, call for a point of clarification; and Dan Vainonen stated that they were allowing all paid participants to vote under a clause he called, and I quote, “Expansion of Executive Privilege” as allowed for in the bylaws. I listened to the candidates speak and we were allowed to vote. The results were announced to all in attendance: Christensen 23, Satrom 13, and Ostlie 9. The February 13th Convention was adjourned with no objections from any participant or from the Executive Committee at the conclusion of the meeting.  Obviously this ad is an attack on not only Grant Christensen, but ALSO an attack on young people and their involvement in the city of Jamestown. What does this “Executive Committee,” from District 12, gain from hating this young generation and chiding us for caring enough to be involved? Grant Christensen would rather lead by example than play politics. He has the energy and vitality to work hard to represent District 12, and I hope he earns your vote. Matthew Skavroneck

Jamestown, ND