There is a Difference

This letter is paid content. In a recent radio ad, I heard a Democrat who is running for the Legislature from a Jamestown District, where Republicans now represent us, say that the “R” and the “D” don’t mean anything. Really?

When you consider what Democrats stand for today, that couldn’t be further from the truth! The Democrats are the party that says your taxes should be higher along with government spending. They want businesses hamstrung by endless red tape and regulation, so they cannot grow, prosper and create more higher paying jobs. They want to tell farmers what they may plant and restrict what they may do with their own land.

Even worse, many Democrats think Socialism is a good idea. What used to be understood as a serious threat to your rights and freedoms—an unthinkable evil—is now the their “new” bright idea of how government should be run.

With Nancy Pelosi and the “squad” running things, it is clear where this would lead. America as we know it would be forever damaged, putting us on the road to the poverty, misery, and tyranny of countries now seen in Venezuela and Cuba. If you think this is only the national Democrat plan, think further!

In North Dakota, Democrats have tried to convince us for years that they were different—that they were actually conservative. For a long time, we believed them and voted for them, but we finally wised up and recognized how they were voting when they got to Washington or Bismarck, resulting in them being booted them out of office and Republicans elected to truly represent us and stand up for our rights and freedoms.

Republicans understand that government should be limited, taxes should be low, and freedom and opportunity should abound. This is why our communities and state have done so well in recent years.

Lately the North Dakota Legislature, Democrats have become more partisan and radical than ever before. Do not let them fool you and take us back to the days of stagnant economy, high unemployment and red tape which made it exceedingly difficult to farm or run a business.

Yes, there really is a difference between the “R” and the “D”. Don’t let them pretend there not.

Please join me in voting for Republicans again in District 12.


Robert Craig

Jamestown, ND