To the Voters of District 12

This letter is paid content. I’m sure you are aware of the political mailings that arrived in your mail. It is a last ditch effort by a Republican sponsored group to defeat Sen. John Grabinger in his effort to be re-elected in District 12.

I have voted in this district for over 60 years and I find this type of behavior a disgrace by the Republicans. These are tactics that are taking place on the national level, deceitful half truths and downright lies in sneaky last minute moves. The fliers are paid and distributed with their approval.

The material indicates John was voting against law enforcement, forgetting his long background supporting law enforcement needs. He served six years as chairman of the Police & Fire Committee as a city council member and four years as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The second flier presented half truths on oil tax reform. A trigger proposal was universally opposed by most legislators, but the reduction in the tax itself was not.

I am sure the “Brighter Future Alliance” will continue their activity but I have known John’s family for 60 years and John all his life. They have been sincere people in the community and John has served his community as stated above. We need his continued service in Jamestown and North Dakota. Vote for John!