Joshua Geinert, 21, has been cycling for five years to procrastinate on homework. On July 7, he will set out on a six-day, 600-mile journey via bicycle from Columbus, Ohio, to St. Louis, Mo., on a quest to raise $3,000 to support pregnancy resource centers across the country.

“I’ve enjoyed cycling since I started doing it, but I didn’t want to be doing it for no reason,” Geinert said. “I was waiting to find a reason to cycle ... and I found one.”

The Jamestown native is participating in the Biking for Babies annual national ride, where bikers travel from across the country to cycle in support of a pro-life culture. Four different routes converge onto one location, St. Louis, where the nonprofit organization meets to celebrate with a banquet to announce how much money was raised.

Biking for Babies has its own training program for the participants, Geinert said, a 22-week schedule slowly increasing in difficulty.

Geinert, who already has several races under his belt from college, has biked 30 miles three times during the week and 50 miles on the weekend leading up to the event.

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“It’s like a marathon,” Geinert said. “After about 60 percent, the rest of it’s mental. You can physically do it, you just have to want to do it.”

Pregnancy resource centers, which receive the donations, work to raise awareness and funding for women and children before, during and after pregnancy. They provide free or low-cost medical services, education, counseling and baby essentials, according to Geinert.

“There’s people that care about the women in need,” he added. “People don’t always have the help that they need.”

During his commute to Missouri, Geinert expects to see a lot of scenery while cycling down the many paved county highways.

“A lot of trees, a lot of corn and a lot of hills,” Geinert said. “I trained for a lot of hills.”

Anyone interested in donating may contact Geinert at 701-709-0272. All donations go directly to the Biking for Babies foundation.