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Daily Bread-Jamestown rescues 21,000 pounds of food


Daily Bread-Jamestown rescued 21,000 pounds of food for hungry families and individuals in the Jamestown area in 2017.

According to information provided by Daily Bread-Jamestown, almost 20,000 pounds of this food was excess food prepared by certified kitchens in the area and frozen for distribution. A new program by Daily Bread-Jamestown distributed fresh fruit and vegetables which contributed the balance.

Daily Bread-Jamestown has more than doubled the volume of food it has collected, from 8,000 pounds In 2015 to 13,000 pounds in 2016 to 21,000 pounds in 2017, according to Tom Geffre, Daily Bread-Jamestown Steering Committee chairman.

The group has refrigerators and freezers at different locations around Jamestown, including freezers at public schools in Jamestown.

Deb Lee, a steering committee member, said each school’s food service personnel place any excess food from the school in the freezer for Daily Bread-Jamestown to use.

Lee said the organization also receives excess frozen food from more than 10 commercial kitchens in the area. The group is always seeking food donations from approved kitchens at convenience stores, hotels, food businesses and caterers. Food donors are protected by the national good samaritan law.

Daily Bread-Jamestown coordinates the every other month distribution of senior and low-income government food commodities in the Jamestown area. The food is delivered to the area by Great Plains Food Bank.