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Crochet is next class at library

“The Art of Crochet” will be the next free class at Alfred Dickey Library. Taught by Yyvonne Imbery, the class will be from 6 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 27, in the lower-level classroom.

Imbery is self-taught t h r o u g h books and Y o u T u b e t u t o r i - als. She s t a r t e d about 12 years ago. She understood most of the stitches but could not read a pattern so she put the hook down. About five years ago, she picked up the hook again, determined to figure out how to read a pattern. She read, practiced, tore apart and practiced some more. Then she found a group on Facebook with a mentor who was easy to follow and understand, started watching his videos on YouTube and finally learned. About a year ago, she started her own private Facebook group for people in the area who are of all skill levels, hoping they could share patterns, tips and mentor those who would like to learn.

Beginners, intermediate and skilled crocheters are encouraged to attend this class.

Beginners in this class need not bring any materials. Skilled individuals should bring their current work in progress and knowledge.

Crochet hooks and yarn to share will be available.

The class will be catered by Jonny B’s Brickhouse.

Preregister at, click on registration, or call 252-2217.