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Cato speaks on radio work at Kiwanis

Pete Cato has done domestic and international radio for two decades. He worked in Russia and Finland for about 10 years before returning to the U.S.

Cato, speaking at Kiwanis, said he enjoyed seeing the differences between the two countries which share a border. He dealt with censorship while in Russia. He even went to jail once for saying something on the air.

Today, he is the program director for KSJB/KSJZ radio.

He said the reason he returned to the U.S. was breakfast cereal. He also wanted to be closer to family. Since moving, he said the sense of community is amazing.

About 20 members attended the regular Kiwanis meeting on June 11.

Don and Sharon Caine led music. Ben Griego collected “Happy Dollars.” They benefit Camp Rokiwan.

The Jamestown Kiwanis blood drive is set for July 25-26 at Ave Maria Village.

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