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Leadership group volunteers in Jamestown

Participants in the North Dakota Student Leadership Winter Excursion do cleaning at Pelican Point Campsite as part of the excursion events over the Aug. 4 weekend. Submitted pjoto

The North Dakota Leadership Seminar spent the past weekend at Pelican Point Campsite for its annual Summer Excursion, which is one of two yearly retreats held during the summer and winter. Approximately 60 members were in attendance.

In addition to having fun and catching up with other alumni, members donate a part of their weekend to volunteer work, a main focus of NDLS. This year's service project involved helping the campsite directors around the lake with various tasks including cleaning cabins, picking up trash, yard work and folding and organizing clothes.

"We at the DAK at Pelican Point were very impressed. The group goes above and beyond in the service," said Wanda Alber, one of the campsite's owners. "We were so impressed and grateful for the help from the leadership youth."

NDLS promotes volunteerism with a focus on servant leadership. To instill a commitment to volunteerism, each NDLS alumni is encouraged to donate 100 hours of community service in the year following the seminar. Giving back to local communities is what NDLS prides itself on.

"It was a great experience to have been able to work with the DAK campground and meet the campers," said Jozie Johnson, co-chair. "NDLS is happy to have helped out and we hope our small actions as an organization will empower others to give back in any way they can."

North Dakota Leadership Seminar is a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching leadership and community service skills to high school sophomores. Since 1981, the North Dakota Leadership Seminar has provided more than 3,500 high school sophomores with the opportunity to grow in leadership and service.

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