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Montpelier OK Club holds meeting


The Montpelier OK (Older Kids) Club met Oct. 2 at the Legacy Center for a noon meal with eight members present.

Marlys Boughton called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. Secretary and treasurer’s reports were approved. Sonia Berg said she will be leaving for the winter

after the next meeting. The door prize was won by Janet Van Bruggen.  

Bingo was called by Sharon Hatlewick. Winners were: small picture frame Boughton and Hatlewick; large picture frame, Boughton and Patti DeBuck;  blackout, Marlys and Gerald Van Bruggen.

In whist, high was won by MaryLee O'meara;  low by Lorraine Gall, and Boughton won a deuce.  In pinochle, DeBuck won high, and Hatlewick won low.

Elaine Heinrich furnished the lunch for her 92nd birthday.  

The next meeting will be Oct. 16 bat the Legacy Center.

Guests are welcome.