More carp have been seen in Pipestem Creek and the James River, according to Jessica Howell, North Dakota Game and Fish Department aquatic nuisance species coordinator, at the recent Kiwanis meeting.

The Game and Fish Department has known silver carp have been in the James River since 2011, she said. The department recently verified bighead carp in the James River. Other aquatic species get lost because carp eat the other species’ food.

Bighead carp can grow up to 100 pounds, and silver carp can weigh up to 80 pounds, Howell said.

Howell also spoke about zebra mussels, which are about 2 inches in diameter, have sharp shells and typically attach to hard surfaces. They can live up to 28 days out of the water in a cool, moist location. Zebra mussels can filter up to 1 liter of water a day and take away many nutrients, she said. There are aquatic species that will eat zebra mussels.

“But, the problem is they don’t eat enough of them,” she said.

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People have spread zebra mussels to other locations. That is why North Dakota laws require water to be drained from boats. She said it is important for boaters to clean, drain and dry their boats completely.

Howell also spoke about curly-leaf pondweed, which shades out other plants so native plants can’t grow, and Eurasian watermilfoil, which is a rooted, submerged aquatic plant. Curly-leaf pondweed decomposes a lot of oxygen resulting in other fish dying, she said. Eurasian watermilfoil can decrease the number of native plants and other aquatic species.

She said the Game and Fish Department has been training agencies and making plans to prevent the spread of aquatic nuisance species.

Don and Sharon Caine led music, and "Happy Dollars" were collected for PATH.

Kiwanis is still collecting 100-plus school supplies for Community Action in celebration of the 100 members of the Kiwanis family in Kiwanis, Builders Club, Aktion Club, Key Club and the satellite club.

Important dates:

  • The satellite club meets at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 13, at Wells Fargo Bank.

  • Kiwanis is helping with the “Out Here with Animals” event on Aug. 24. Volunteers are needed. Proceeds benefit Prairie Paws and 4-H.

The 45 or so members of Jamestown Kiwanis meet each Monday at noon. The Jamestown Kiwanis satellite club meets one Tuesday each month. New members are always welcome. Learn more at