Leaders are in abundant supply in Jamestown, and their importance can't be taken for granted.

A leader may be paid or a volunteer. Both are important to communities to fill roles that help make the difference in a community's success.

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Today's annual progress edition focuses on some of those leaders in our community "Stepping Forward."

Leaders who work in service to others do so to help make lives better. For example, the Daily Bread-Jamestown program collects food that other people in need can bring home. And vendors support that endeavor, donating food to help fill freezers at locations in Jamestown that can make the difference in whether someone goes hungry on a given day.

Leaders also work in supporting the community in other ways, such as the Jamestown Area Grief Support Team, which focuses on helping people deal with grief and heal.

Leaders work to improve lives, by offering a place for people to grow a vegetable garden in Jamestown, coaching Special Olympics and other athletes and supporting teachers and schools.

While the leaders in today's 46-page progress edition are featured in specific areas - service to others, improving lives, supporting the community, sports and rec and business - they also cross over into other areas. A coach not only supports the community by filling a role that is needed but also helps improve lives by teaching youth about integrity in playing a game.

Just as important as leaders are to the community, so are those who work with them. All fill needed roles in our city as we live, work and grow.