Prairie Rose Garden Club holds potluck

Prairie Rose Garden Club held a potluck recently. Submitted photo

The Prairie Rose Garden Club held a potluck meeting recently at the residence of Gerry and Rebecca DAmour, who hosted the event.

Linda Jane Anderson, Fargo State Garden Club president, was the guest of honor.

The program consisted of Carol and Sarah Jensen showing pictures of their pumpkin arrangement centerpieces. Mary Lee OMeara was noted as being a longtime member of Prairie Rose Garden Club. President Laurie Podall conducted the business meeting. Laura Miller shared her expertise on the 2020 census.

Prairie Rose Garden Club will decorate a tree for Christmas at the 1883 Stutsman County Courthouse.

Officers for 2020 are Podall, president; Betty Brosz, vice president; Gloria Mickelson, secretary; and Joann Herman, treasurer.


The club's projects are Horton and Stadium parks.

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