There is no more conscientious secretary of state in the nation than North Dakota’s Al Jaeger, who is seeking re-election. That conclusion is based on his years of selfless service, and on a record that confirms he has done excellent work in that time.Despite political braying from his opponent, former legislator April Fairfield, Jaeger has presided over building the most efficient, most accessible elections and voting systems in the nation. Don’t take his word for it. Several independent assessments, including the recent Pew study and a Washington Post analysis, concluded exactly that.Jaeger has accomplished what was possible under the limitations of a biennial budget cycle to accommodate an unprecedented workload in his office. Given the oil boom-driven increase in the workload, he’s performed miracles. He gets credit for meeting that challenge.The office has grown stronger and more responsive during Jaeger’s tenure. He has earned re-election. (Endorsements represent the views of Forum Communications Co., The Jamestown Sun’s parent company.)

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