Ryan Rauschenberger was appointed tax commissioner to fill an unexpired term. He had been working as deputy commissioner, and acquitted himself well in that job. He’s also done excellent work as commissioner. He should be elected to a full term.His personal struggles have made headlines, but he’s done precisely the right thing by being candid about alcohol abuse, and then acting quickly to end it. By all accounts, that effort is going well.More importantly, however, his job performance in the tax office has been exemplary, and that factor qualifies him for the job.Rauschenberger’s opponent, Jason Astrup of Fargo, has a resume that fits the job, but his campaign has focused on tax policy, rather than implementation of tax policy. Implementation, not legislating, is the commissioner’s mandate.Voters should grant Rauschenberger a full term. (Endorsements represent the views of Forum Communications Co., The Jamestown Sun’s parent company.)

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