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Doug Leier

Doug Leier

North Dakota Game and Fish outreach biologist

Doug Leier is an outreach biologist for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department who writes frequent columns for Northland Outdoors. Reach him at

You may be eligible even if you don’t have a fisheries and wildlife degree or law enforcement background.
The fishing opener for North Dakota was technically April 1. No fooling. Anglers fishing in North Dakota needed a new fishing license on April 1, 2022 as the previous license expired on March 31.
The harvest of big fish in spring before walleye or northern pike have spawned is a common conversation among anglers.
It was mid-March when the first open water fishing reports from the Missouri River started feeding the spring fishing frenzy of anglers.
Anglers can find the 2022-24 North Dakota Fishing Guide on the North Dakota Game and Fish Department website at
Understanding how the Game and Fish Department’s lottery and bonus point system works can help applicants make better decisions based on their expectations.
There is no preference in North Dakota's hunting license lottery system. Just a bonus.
May conjures up images of the first meadowlark on the prairie, stray migrating snow geese and spring turkey season wrapping up
If history is any indication, a few thousand people will buy a paddlefish tag and trek to the Yellowstone and Missouri rivers.
Through continued news cycles we hear more and more about chronic wasting disease today.