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This Oklahoma fraternity has a choreographed jorts-and-fanny pack dance routine

University of Central Oklahoma - Old North / Wikimedia Commons

This might be hard to believe, but I have never starred in a choreographed cheer-and-dance routine for a college homecoming event. So I don't know what type of wardrobe choices I would make in that scenario. No judgies. It probably wouldn't include fanny packs, but to each his own, guys.

Anyway, here are members of Sigma Tau Gamma, a fraternity at the University of Central Oklahoma, showing their true and deep commitment to jean shorts (a.k.a. jorts) and fanny packs with this cheer-and-dance routine, which is becoming extremely popular on the Internet.

"None of us expected for us to blow up the way that it has," said Cameron Golshani, the fraternity's chapter president. "But we're obviously ecstatic with it getting the exposure."

The dudes of Sigma Tau Gamma have taken that exposure and run with it: using the Internet fame to highlight their fundraising effort for the Special Olympics, the organization's national philanthropy.

"We're glad that all of you enjoyed the video as much as we enjoyed performing it," the fraternity said in a statement posted to Facebook. "Though we are thrilled that our video has reached such heights, we also understand that we have a greater responsibility to affect positive social change."

The routine, which had more than 5 million views on Facebook by Thursday morning, was part of a homecoming event at Central Oklahoma, a public school in Edmond. Two female students coached the group, Golshani said, and the fraternity worked pretty hard on those outfits, which did make them look a bit like dads.

"We had a day dedicated to cutting our jorts, and then anyone who had a fanny pack that wasn't black, we then spray-painted the fanny pack," he said.

What a day for jorts.