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What: "The Addams Family," a musical production by Jamestown High School Drama

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When: 7 p.m. Thursday, June 28, and Friday, June 29

Where: Jamestown High School auditorium, 1509 10th St. NE

Tickets: $7 adults, $5 students and senior citizens, sold at the door

Wednesday Addams has been a dark, brooding teen focused on the macabre and satisfied with torturing her younger brother Pugsley for years.

Now she is 18, met a nice boy from Ohio and is falling in love.

How her family and the boy's family reacts to this news is the basis for a musical comedy ,"The Addams Family." Jamestown High School Drama will be performing the musical next week.

With 22 Jamestown Public School students, including actors, backstage techs and pit orchestra musicians, the show takes place in modern day New York City. Under the musical direction of Cheryl McIntyre and stage direction of Mike McIntyre, the students will show the audience a different side of the darkly funny characters first brought to life in cartoons drawn by artist Charles Addams for "The New Yorker" magazine in 1938.

"This musical has been around since 2009," said Mike McIntyre.

He said he and his wife, Cheryl, chose "The Addams Family" because they wanted to do something different and it offered a lot of different roles for a lot of different students.

Samara McDermid plays Wednesday. She said Wednesday is a fun character to play as she presents a bit of a challenge for McDermid.

"If you know Wednesday, she doesn't have a lot of facial expressions," she said. "It's hard because usually when you act you use a lot of facial expressions."

Emma Bennett plays the family's matriarch Morticia. She said Morticia is a very "sultry" person and it has been fun for Bennett to figure out how to play the character.

"She (Morticia) is very different than anyone I've ever played before," she said.

Alexis Smith plays Pugsley. She said the role is a little challenging as she is playing a young boy.

"It's fun because he is weird and likes being tortured all the time," she said. "I have to be really quirky and play against my personality."

Wednesday, Morticia and Pugsley have solos during the show. Pugsley's solo is called "What If?" Smith said during the song Pugsley worries what happens if Wednesday moves away and he has no one to torture him.

Wednesday's solo is called "Pulled," where she starts wondering about all of these "soft" feelings she is having.

McIntyre said the musical is an amalgamation of the cartoon, the campy television show from the late 1960s and the two movies that came out in the early 1990s.

"It's a fun mix of all three components, but is enjoyable for all," he said.