Ah, spring.

May soon will be here and flowers will bud and be blooming before long. After the weather we’ve had this year, Jamestowners will be flocking to nurseries to buy plants and get a leg up on planting their gardens full of brilliant annual colors.

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With the white we’ve has since January, that need for splashing some warmth is tangible. By now, plant catalogs are rumpled and seed orders arrived and started. Now is the time to start thinking about the color palette you may want to plot for summer of 2019. You can plan it like a designer and feature a color for the garden space that suits your intent and brings joy to your life.

Pantone color system always has some unique combinations that seem just about right, and this year’s color “Living Coral” seems just about perfect for this summer. Many annuals, such as impatiens, already come in corals and make a warm but not overpowering impact. Nasturtiums also come in a wide array of corals and orange variations and have hanging/climbing habits. Nasturtium seeds can be started inside and transplanted about Mother’s Day to sunny areas.  

Zinnias also are wonderful late summer bloomers and come in single color ranges including pinkish-oranges This year’s coral  is easily adapted to mixing with deeper hues and even the blue-pinks. As long as the colors vary in value (lightness and darkness) the colors mix well. Check Pantone’s website for the new color combinations before the plants begin to flower so you have confidence in your choices.

The coral color is adaptable enough to include a few pieces of painted outdoor furniture. It’s not pink nor is it a neon orange, which means it’s more adaptable to a masculine palette. Softened a bit with white or cream, it adapts to just about any mix of hues. You can even match up yourself with your garden if you’re that brave.  

“Living Coral” nail polish is already on the market as is makeup. Household linens in that bright, happy color are on shelves, as are ladies and men’s coral hued summer clothing. So far, I haven’t seen hair coloring in “Living Coral,” but who knows? Touches of that happiness color may be worn as hair color or at least extensions this year.

According to the online sites, the color was chosen for 2019 to be a “life-affirming color,” meant to “vivify” and bring effervescence into people’s lives. The color will do that for certain in gardens, and hopefully in other ways for people. For sure the butterflies, hummingbirds and nectar-seeking insects will appreciate your efforts.