With the holiday season weighing down and seemingly less time to get things done, it’s a special moment when we can take some time away from pressures to stop, create and enjoy. Saturday, Nov. 30, will be that time.

Whether man or woman, old or young, the holiday season is both a stressful and magical time. Decorating for the season may include old tannenbaum, Saint Nick or a menorah. Whatever the tradition, getting things “spruced”up is part of the fun. Knowing what to get, how to put thngs together, and where to put decorations can add to stress-levels.

Diversions help relieve the tension, and some add to the joy of the season. Technology has changed how we use our time when we are “on call” 24-7. In 2019, we are a society trying to balance technology-filled days with a few minutes of hands-on time, while trying to schedule times way with chores needing to be finished. A mini-break that gives us time to breathe, yet make something beautiful, is an experience we all could use.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society will offer a workshop that satisfies the need for making something yourself for the holidays.

John Zvirovski is doing a tree-topper workshop in Fargo at the Sanford Neuroscience Center atrium at 10 a.m. Saturday. Cost is $40 and registration is essential, since space is limited. Contact the NPBGS at info@npbotanicgarden.com for information and to register.

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Zvirovski’s connection with Jamestown looms large. He writes a Saturday gardening column for The Jamestown Sun and has been on the AAUW garden tour a number of years. An affable, giving person, he uses nature ... living things ... as sculptural-design materials. Art and science combine to work magic when he tackles design.

From Fargo, he studied engineering at North Dakota State University. He still lends his skills at West Acres Mall with its seasonal décor. He donates his talents to the Jamestown Arts Center downtown, and his reputation with floral design is unquestioned.

He uses a combination of materials to bring seasonal significance to his designs. It’s not unusual to see fresh flowers, dried stems and fresh greenery combined to show Christmas, Thanksgiving or even Easter inspiration. He has that magic touch that gives his finished product a sizzling note. Like many area artists, his work has a recognizable style. It’s classy. It’s beautiful.

That he is willing to share with the public is itself a gift. The Neuroscience Center is located at 700 First Ave. South in Fargo. The NPBGS newsletter states that preregistered attendees should go to the red door in back and someone will be there to open. The Atrium is a delight for any plant lover.

Spruce tree and birch branches, mixed greens and pinecones will be used for the tree toppers. Bring your own ribbon and any additional ornaments you may want to include. A generic container will be provided that can be dropped into a favorite container at home. Be sure to make space in your vehicle for the finished work and register soon. It will be a morning for the senses.

If anyone has an item for this column, please contact Sharon Cox, PO Box 1559, Jamestown, ND 58402-1559.