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Art show opens UJ’s International Education Week



On Monday, Nov. 13, members of the University of Jamestown’s art department, its “Looking Beyond” Committee and the International Students Organization will gather in the lobby of the Reiland Fine Arts Center to celebrate the start of International Education Week. The public is invited to learn more about student artwork, the art of ancient languages, foreign travel opportunities and leave with a personal gift.

Faculty, students, staff and guest language interpreters will be on hand to translate individual names on paper. Latin, Farsi (Persian), Chinese, Korean and East Indian (Hindi) interpreters, as well as English calligraphers will help each person do his or her name. Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Celtic Ogham and Swedish Runes alphabets will also be available for anyone who wants to use those to write his or her own name in those ancient symbols. Dr. Stephen Reed, Ph.D. in philosophy/religion, will have a display on the Dead Sea Scrolls and Cuneiform language. Visitors will be able to have their name written in several languages.

The culinary culture of several countries will be up for sampling as well. Foreign Language Department head, professor Katherine Stevenson and students will make French crepes, students and faculty will perform Asian tea ceremonies, and visitors will be able to have coffee, tea and sweets.

As the fourth of its “Looking ... Inward, Outward, Forward and Beyond” initiatives, the University of Jamestown promotes foreign travel, cultural experiences and offers a number of foreign languages. It has begun a study abroad program in Cagli, Italy, where it has a Renaissance era building that serves as its student center. There will be information available on the Cagli 2018 program, as well as an 2018 London theater tour led by head librarian Phyllis Bratton.

Art students who have participated in drawing, design, art history and pottery classes will discuss their work and help guide visitors through the art show. Classwork on display includes design, advanced drawing, ceramics and art history.

Students in the design class have designed their own businesses, a logo for it, planned a business folder/ad pack for clients, designed their dream house, and drawn floor plans and elevation drawings, plus they have drawn fashion and industrial ads for publications geared toward a specific gender audience.

Students in the advanced drawing class have been working on drawings that emphasize complex problem solving. They did “Out my window” drawings where perspective is shown in the layering of each plane using trompe l’oeil style application. They learned scale and atmospheric perspective in their “landscape with building” assignment. In their “interior of a room with person” assignment, they gained experience in scale and either single- or two-point perspective applications. A “still-life” assignment had them focus on surface techniques, transparency, light, shadow and reflections. Their final assignment was self-portrait. Each assignment created specific problems in perspective, composition, color gradations, scale, proportion, texture, color, focus and value.

The pottery coming out of the ceramics class shows some fine work this year. Each student learned how to hand build pots, as well as wheel-thrown vessels, all made using water-based clays. Once the initial pieces were completed, students combined each set (hand-built and then wheel-thrown) to make a combination vessel using three techniques or forms.

The art history students make their own artifacts. They began with prehistoric symbols and at the time of the show will have completed the study of Gothic architecture. Their work is grouped together on the dais.

A special group of six students from Montpelier also has work in the exhibit. Their principal, James Bear, has been driving them to UJ for drawing and pottery classes this semester.

Some UJ students have their work for sale. It’s a wonderful time to buy a piece for Christmas giving. On the small identification card is the student’s name and a contact number/email. If you want to purchase a piece, write “SOLD” on the card and a contact name and number on the back of the card and replace it from whence it came. The student will contact you and make arrangements for the sale. The show will hang until winter break, after which it will be taken down to make way for senior thesis shows before the spring all students show in March.

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