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Wahl is August Unison artist

Mel Wahl is this month's artist at Unison Bank.

A Jamestown native and retired teacher, Wahl's interest in photography and graphic/cyber arts began when he became a mathematics teacher at Billings Central Catholic High School in 2001, where he began to use mathematics to create graphic images that he would then enhance with software.

After retiring from teaching in 2008, Wahl had more free time to spend on his photography and that is why a large amount of his artwork is photographic in nature. Most of his shots are scenic which consists mostly of landscapes, vistas and flowers, many of which have been computer enhanced.

The art produced using his photos and mathematical images can be purchased in the form of prints and cards.

Wahl, who attended the University of North Dakota and then transferred to Jamestown College, where he graduated from in 1970 with a major in physical education, taught in New Mexico and at Linton (N.D.) High School before attending North Dakota State University starting in 1975. He was a graduate assistant in the mathematics department and later earned a master's degree in pure mathematics. He taught and coached for almost 40 years at the high school and college levels and has given numerous mathematical presentations at conferences and had articles published in mathematics magazines.