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PBS’s ‘Antiques Roadshow’ tickets available

Just about everyone living in North Dakota has something of sentimental value, but it’s likely only a few people have had items appraised to learn the  monetary value. That opportunity will be here June 1 and only 100 miles away.

Now through Feb. 11, anyone can submit an application online, or over the phone, to receive free tickets to one of the 2019 “Antiques Roadshow” events. The online access is, or call 888-762-3749. “Antiques Roadshow” airs on Cable channel 79 at 7 p.m. Mondays.

PBS will film three episodes per city that will air in 2020 during its 24th season. Bonanzaville will be the site for the June 1 “Roadshow” and will allow furniture appraisals (if within 60 miles of West Fargo) as well as other treasures from grandma’s attic.

Bismarck was a featured location in 2015. Tickets were a coveted item that year, as they will be this year for collectors across the state. The popular show has been to neighboring states of South Dakota and Minnesota as well. Facebook was filled with reports of who had tickets and who wanted them. Since it’s not a sure thing, even after registering for them, it’s easy to understand the disappointment when the drawing doesn’t confirm you will actually be able to go. But one ticket holder per household can take a visitor with them.

According to the website, applying for tickets is easy and will take only a couple of minutes. Once completed, applicants receive a confirmation number via email. The confirmation email will also include a link that can be used to review the application and, if the ZIP code makes it eligible, the ticket-holder can add an online submission to “Antiques Roadshow”’s furniture selection process at any time through Feb. 11.

Tickets must be in-hand to attend an “Antiques Roadshow” event. Tickets will not be available at the door. In mid-February, eligible ticket applicants will be selected through a random drawing, and all applicants will be notified by email in late February whether or not they have been selected for tickets. The ticket application process ends at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time, Monday, Feb. 11.

Needless to say, anyone who has an interest and time will apply. It’s just too close not to try to go. Since it’s a “chancy” item, even if you have asked to be included in the drawing, it doesn’t guarantee a ticket. Fingers crossed, and a few prayers, and maybe that ticket will find its way to you. Hope so.

In the meantime, open those dust-covered boxed marked “Grandpa’s military stuff,” or “Grandma’s old pictures,” and pull out a few treasures. Even if the “Roadshow” is not on your agenda June 1, your experience of perusing the family treasures will be a heart-warming, quiet  moment for your own attic roadshow.